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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 1/2] xen/PVH: Set up GS segment for stack canary
>>> On 23.05.18 at 16:30, <> wrote:
> @@ -98,6 +101,12 @@ ENTRY(pvh_start_xen)
> /* 64-bit entry point. */
> .code64
> 1:
> + /* Set base address in stack canary descriptor. */
> + mov $MSR_GS_BASE,%ecx
> + mov $_pa(canary), %rax
> + xor %rdx, %rdx

Why rax and rdx instead of eax and edx? In the former case, the
relocation produced might confuse whatever entity processing it
(it'll have a sign-extended 32-bit quantity to deal with, which
wouldn't allow representing an address in the [2Gb, 4Gb) range).
In the latter case, while surely neither performance nor code size
matter much here, it's still a bad precedent (people copy-and-paste
code all the time): Zero-ing of registers should generally use the
32-bit forms of the insn. Gas has actually gained an optimization
mode recently (upon request from Linus and the x86 maintainers)
to silently "repair" such inefficiencies.


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