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SubjectRe: Revert "dmaengine: pl330: add DMA_PAUSE feature"
On 22-05-18, 10:27, Frank Mori Hess wrote:
> On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 11:37 PM, Vinod Koul <> wrote:
> >
> > Well looks like even adding support for sync_pause doesn't solve your issue on
> > pl330. Do you want to move this to PIO mode then..?

The issue for which you requested the revert of pl330 pause

> I'm not sure what you think my issue is with the pl330, are you
> confusing me with Marek? My position is that pause is unsupported by
> the pl330 at the hardware level. Nothing the pl330.c driver or
> dmaengine api or 8250 serial driver does will change that. That is
> why I sent a patch to remove pause support from pl330.c. The rest is
> just trying to fix some bugs in mainline Linux I hit when I was a
> naive youngster who thought Linux support for the computer world's
> canonical serial uart could be counted on to move data from point A to
> point B. In truth though, I've already concluded it's not worth it to
> slog though the linux kernel development process just to clean up
> other people's messes. I've already fixed my issues out-of-tree. I
> don't mind answering questions if anyone else cares about the issue
> though. Other than that, I think I'll just be ghosting out now.


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