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SubjectRe: [PATCH 8/9] PM / Domains: Add support for multi PM domains per device to genpd

On 23/05/18 10:33, Ulf Hansson wrote:
> On 23 May 2018 at 11:27, Rajendra Nayak <> wrote:
>> On 05/23/2018 02:37 PM, Jon Hunter wrote:
>>> On 23/05/18 07:12, Ulf Hansson wrote:
>>> ...
>>>>>>>> Thanks for sending this. Believe it or not this has still been on my to-do list
>>>>>>>> and so we definitely need a solution for Tegra.
>>>>>>>> Looking at the above it appears that additional power-domains exposed as devices
>>>>>>>> to the client device. So I assume that this means that the drivers for devices
>>>>>>>> with multiple power-domains will need to call RPM APIs for each of these
>>>>>>>> additional power-domains. Is that correct?
>>>>>>> They can, but should not!
>>>>>>> Instead, the driver shall use device_link_add() and device_link_del(),
>>>>>>> dynamically, depending on what PM domain that their original device
>>>>>>> needs for the current running use case.
>>>>>>> In that way, they keep existing runtime PM deployment, operating on
>>>>>>> its original device.
>>>>>> OK, sounds good. Any reason why the linking cannot be handled by the above API? Is there a use-case where you would not want it linked?
>>>>> I am guessing the linking is what would give the driver the ability to decide which subset of powerdomains it actually wants to control
>>>>> at any point using runtime PM. If we have cases wherein the driver would want to turn on/off _all_ its associated powerdomains _always_
>>>>> then a default linking of all would help.
>>>> First, I think we need to decide on *where* the linking should be
>>>> done, not at both places, as that would just mess up synchronization
>>>> of who is responsible for calling the device_link_del() at detach.
>>>> Second, It would in principle be fine to call device_link_add() and
>>>> device_link_del() as a part of the attach/detach APIs. However, there
>>>> is a downside to such solution, which would be that the driver then
>>>> needs call the detach API, just to do device_link_del(). Of course
>>>> then it would also needs to call the attach API later if/when needed.
>>>> Doing this adds unnecessary overhead - comparing to just let the
>>>> driver call device_link_add|del() when needed. On the upside, yes, it
>>>> would put less burden on the drivers as it then only needs to care
>>>> about using one set of functions.
>>>> Which solution do you prefer?
>>> Any reason why we could not add a 'boolean' argument to the API to indicate whether the new device should be linked? I think that I prefer the API handles it, but I can see there could be instances where drivers may wish to handle it themselves.
>>> Rajendra, do you have a use-case right now where the driver would want to handle the linking?
>> So if I understand this right, any driver which does want to control individual powerdomain state would
>> need to do the linking itself right?
>> What I am saying is, if I have device A, with powerdomains X and Y, and if I want to turn on only X,
>> then I would want only X to be linked with A, and at a later point if I want both X and Y to be turned on,
>> I would then go ahead and link both X and Y to A? Is that correct or did I get it all wrong?
> Correct!
>> I know atleast Camera on msm8996 would need to do this since it has 2 vfe powerdoamins, which can be
>> turned on one at a time (depending on what resolution needs to be supported) or both together if we
>> really need very high resolution using both vfe modules.
> I think this is also the case for the Tegra XUSB subsystem.
> The usb device is always attached to one PM domain, but depending on
> if super-speed mode is used, another PM domain for that logic needs to
> be powered on as well.
> Jon, please correct me if I am wrong!

Yes this is technically correct, however, in reality I think we are
always going to enable the superspeed domain if either the host or
device domain is enabled. So we would probably always link the
superspeed with the host and device devices.



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