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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] schedutil: Allow cpufreq requests to be made even when kthread kicked
On 22-05-18, 15:09, Joel Fernandes wrote:
> I agree with the race you describe for single policy slow-switch. Good find :)
> The mainline sugov_work could also do such reordering in sugov_work, I think. Even
> with the mutex_unlock in mainline's sugov_work, that work_in_progress write could
> be reordered by the CPU to happen before the read of next_freq. AIUI,
> mutex_unlock is expected to be only a release-barrier.
> Although to be safe, I could just put an smp_mb() there. I believe with that,
> no locking would be needed for such case.
> I'll send out a v3 with Acks for the original patch, and the send out the
> smp_mb() as a separate patch if that's Ok.

Maybe it would be better to get the fix (with smp_mb) first and then
this optimization patch on the top? That would mean that the fix can
get applied to stable kernels easily.


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