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SubjectRe: rtc: fix chardev initialization races
On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 11:33:13AM +0100, Ales Novak wrote:
> In many rtc modules, the chardevice file in rtc module probe is
> being created prematurely. If the probe fails after the chardevice
> file has been created (e.g. after rtc_device_register), it's possible
> for a program to open() it, which subsequently can cause memory
> corruption.
> The race looks like that (thanks Jiri):
> CPU0: CPU1:
> sys_load_module()
> do_init_module()
> do_one_initcall()
> cmos_do_probe()
> rtc_device_register()
> __register_chrdev()
> cdev->owner = struct module*
> open("/dev/rtc0")
> rtc_device_unregister()
> module_put()
> free_module()
> module_free(mod->module_core)
> /* struct module *module is now
> freed */
> chrdev_open()
> spin_lock(cdev_lock)
> cdev_get()
> try_module_get()
> module_is_live()
> /* dereferences already
> freed struct module* */

[Context: For a patch to rtc-pcf2127.c Alexandre Belloni asked not to
fail after rtc_device_register successfully finished and pointed to this
reasoning as explaination.]

If there is really such a race then (I hope) there is
something in the cdev code that needs fixing. According to my
understanding, when rtc_device_unregister returned, the cdev is gone and
so chrdev_open is supposed to fail.

Otherwise the same problem can be triggered when the device is unbound
and the module unloaded while another cpu opens the char dev.

I added a msleep(5000) to chrdev_open like this:

if (current->pid != 1) {
pr_info("%s:%d: sleeping to open race window\n", __func__, __LINE__);
pr_info("%s:%d: done sleeping\n", __func__, __LINE__);

before the spinlock is taken. If I trigger that (using

a = open("/dev/rtc0")

in a Python shell) and then do rmmod rtc_pcf2127 (which is the driver
backing my rtc0), I get:

OSError: [Errno 6] No such device or address: '/dev/rtc0'

> This patch is proposing a solution, splitting the function
> {devm_,}rtc_device_register into {devm_,}rtc_device_register{_fs,}.
> The {devm_}rtc_device_register_fs which is creating the files, should
> be called after it is clear that the probe will pass. It will set the
> RTC_DEV_FILES_EXIST into rtc_device->flags.

So this split is not a complete fix but only a work around for some
cases at best.

Maybe there isn't even a problem?

Best regards

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