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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 1/8] x86/hyper-v: move struct hv_flush_pcpu{,ex} definitions to common header
On Thu, 17 May 2018, Vitaly Kuznetsov wrote:
> KY Srinivasan <> writes:
> > We should coordinate on this; I have patches in flight that conflict with
> > the changes here.
> I see you also fixed 'HV_GENERIC_SET_SPARCE_4K' typo. I don't think it's
> a big deal as we fix it in the same way :-)
> I see you also altered hv_flush_pcpu_ex definition but kept it in mmu.c:
> I think my patches should be applied on top of yours, I only need to
> move it to hyperv-tlfs.h header and get rid of _pcpu suffix.
> I hope Thomas will merge your patches very soon. In case Paolo/Radim
> decide that my series is ready too we'll ask their guidance on how to
> resolve the conflict (topic branch?). It should be relatively easy.

I've applied KY's series to tip/x86/hyperv. It has no other changes in
there. So it could be pulled into KVM if necessary w/o pulling other stuff.



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