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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/2] Input: xen-kbdfront - allow better run-time configuration
On 05/17/2018 04:08 PM, Boris Ostrovsky wrote:
> On 05/17/2018 01:31 AM, Oleksandr Andrushchenko wrote:
>> I will go with the change you suggested and
>> I'll send v4 tomorrow then.
> Please make sure your changes to kbdif.h are in Xen first. I believe you
> submitted a patch there but I don't see it in the staging tree yet.
Sure, I already have Release ack for the one which is not
in Xen tree yet, hope Konrad can apply it today,
so tomorrow Xen and Linux are both ok (or by the time
I send v4).
> -boris
Thank you,

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