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Subjectusbutils 010 release
Hey, a new version of usbutils?  It's not October, what's happening?

Yes, I'm breaking with the "normal" slow release schedule of a new
usbutils release every year or so with a new release today. The 010
release is now out at and github.

There's been a number of new descriptors that are correctly parsed, many
thanks to Michael Drake for that. Also, the biggest change, and the one
that drove this release, is the conversion of the script to
python3, allowing some distros to finally drop python2 from their list
of requirements.

Other than that, a number of small fixes and updates, and lots of
housekeeping (SPDX and copyright notices everywhere, the repo is now
'reuse lint' clean, and there is a SPDX bill-of-materials file.)

Full details of all changes are in the shortlog below.

The package can be downloaded from

The source tree for usbutils can be found on both and if you want to fork it and send us changes easier:


greg k-h


Aurelien Jarno (2):
usbreset.c: add missing <stdlib.h> include
Do not create and install usbutils.pc

Greg Kroah-Hartman (32):
fix dump_videocontrol_interface for unitialized variable usage
Add correct SPDX license identifiers to all files
Add SPDX identifiers on files that did not have a specific license.
wTotalLength should be printed as a hex number
usbmisc: fix up some strncpy() issues
lsusb-t: fix up error with readlink() add proper SPDX license identifier
usb-devices: reword the copyright identifier
LICENSES: move the GPL 2 license to the LICENSES directory
LICENSES/GPL-3.0.txt: add the file
lsusb.h: add copyright notice
lsusb-t: add copyright info
bom.spdx: Add bill of materials file in SPDX format.
ChangeLog: remove it.
AUTHORS: remove file
do_release: drop file
NEWS: add SPDX header and comment add SPDX and copyright header
list.h: add copyright information add SPDX and copyright information.
INSTALL: remove the file, it's boiler-plate add SPDX and copyright
man pages: add SPDX and copyright information add SPDX and copyright information
.gitmodules: add SPDX and copyright lines fix up Copyright strings
usbreset.c: add Alan's copyright
.travis.yml: add correct SPDX and copyright notices
bom.spdx: update with latest copyright and SPDX identifier additions move the README file to markdown fix fomatting
bom.spdx: upate with README -> change

Lukas Nykryn (1): convert to python3

Michael Drake (11):
lsusb: Split subtype mapping out of AudioControl interface handling.
lsusb: Add declarative definitions for UAC1 and UAC2 descriptors.
lsusb: Add code to dump descriptor data using descriptor definition.
lsusb: Switch to descriptor-definition based dump for UAC1 and UAC2.
lsusb: Add descriptor definitions for UAC3.
lsusb: Add initial support for USB Audio Device Class 3.
lsusb: Add descriptor definition for USB3 BOS Configuration Summary.
lsusb: Dump USB3 BOS Configuration Summary Descriptor.
lsusb: Squash Wpointer-compare warning.
lsusb: Remove unused function.
lsusb: Fix array entry count for variable sized entries.

Robby Workman (1): Include usbreset.c in the release tarball

Torleiv Sundre (1):
lsusb: Dump UVC Stream based payload descriptor.

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