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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 04/11] firmware: xilinx: Add query data API

On 14/05/18 20:16, Jolly Shah wrote:
> HI Sudeep,


>> Can you give more insight into this ? How will be this used ? How
>> this aligns with data we get from DT ? I am just trying to
>> understand how is this information split between this API and DT
>> for example.
> This API is used to get clock information from firmware and register
> clocks accordingly in driver. In our case, firmware maintains
> database of all clocks available on chip. DT will provide information
> for off chip reference clocks only. This is to avoid duplication of
> clocks data in DT and firmware both as firmware anyways need clock
> data to manage them.

I wanted to understand the difference with example. What kind of
information you get from DT and what you get from firmware ?


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