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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6] ANDROID: binder: change down_write to down_read
On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 09:46:01AM +0200, Martijn Coenen wrote:

< snip >

> >> About the unmap at runtime part, your commit message was a bit confusing. You
> >> said "every binder buffers should be mapped in advance by binder_mmap." but I
> >> think the new binder shrinker mechanism doesn't make that true anymore.
> >
> > It's good point. I didn't know know that.
> > When I see binder_vm_fault, it emits SIGBUS. That means shrinker cannot zap pages
> > process is using, I think. IOW, every pages for binder are mapped at mmap time
> > and is never mapped in runtime by page fault. Right?
> Right - the address range is allocated once, and an initial amount of
> pages is mapped into it. For every transaction into that process, we
> will see if there's enough pages, and if not allocate so that we have
> enough of them - so this is not done by page fault. The shrinker won't
> touch pages for which a transaction is in progress. Of course a
> process itself could still try to read from an unallocated address,
> but in that case returning SIGBUS and having that process crash seems
> fine.

Thanks for the confirmation.

> I'm also not sure the read lock is needed, but I would need to read a
> whole lot more code to convince myself it's not.

For page zapping, we shouldn't need mmap_sem write lock.
We should replace it with down_read/write, too.


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