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SubjectRe: [PATCH -resend 02/27] x86: assembly, use SYM_DATA for data

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> * Jiri Slaby <> wrote:
> > We make proper use of SYM_DATA on global data instead of marking them as
> > ENTRY. ENTRY is intended for functions and shall be paired with ENDPROC.
> > ENTRY also aligns symbols which creates unnecessary holes here between
> > data.
> >
> > ENTRY from saved_eip in wakeup_32 and many saved_* in wakeup_64 is
> > simply dropped, as these symbols are local only.
> Yeah, so this commit talks about ENTRY() and ENDPROC(), while the new methods are

BTW., I like the series otherwise: for example in my comment above I wrote up the
SYM_FUNC_START()/END() names from memory, without having to look up the

[ Then I double checked it from the series to make sure I got it right. ;-) ]

Before this I could never remember all these random, idiosyncratic, path dependent
macro names - now there's at least some good high level structure to them. So it's
a good step forward.



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