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SubjectRe: common non-cache coherent direct dma mapping ops
On 11.05.2018 09:59, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> this series continues consolidating the dma-mapping code, with a focus
> on architectures that do not (always) provide cache coherence for DMA.
> Three architectures (arm, mips and powerpc) are still left to be
> converted later due to complexity of their dma ops selection.
> The dma-noncoherent ops calls the dma-direct ops for the actual
> translation of streaming mappins and allow the architecture to provide
> any cache flushing required for cpu to device and/or device to cpu
> ownership transfers. The dma coherent allocator is for now still left
> entirely to architecture supplied implementations due the amount of
> variations. Hopefully we can do some consolidation for them later on
> as well.
> A lot of architectures are currently doing very questionable things
> in their dma mapping routines, which are documented in the changelogs
> for each patch. Please review them very careful and correct me on
> incorrect assumptions.
> Because this series sits on top of two previously submitted series
> a git tree might be useful to actually test it. It is provided here:
> git:// generic-dma-noncoherent
> Gitweb:
> Changes since RFC:
> - fix a typo accidentally disabling the device to cpu transfer sync
> - fixed a few compile failures

I tested it again on parisc (this time again on top of git head) and it still breaks
the same way as I reported in my mail on April 21st: the lasi82956 network driver works
unreliable. NIC gets IP, but ping doesn't work.
See drivers/net/ethernet/i825xx/lasi_82596.c, it uses dma*sync() functions.

See comment in James mail from April 21st too:
-> you just made every 32 bit parisc system unnecessarily use non-coherent.


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