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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mtd: nand: Add support for reading ooblayout from device tree

>> >> My motivation is to get rid of this (move it to devicetree):
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> And enable the support of other boards with custom OOB layouts.
>> >
>> > Can you list the different layouts you have? I'm pretty sure
>> there's a
>> > pattern. Maybe we can even deduce the layout from the page size
>> or OOB
>> > size.
>> This is the other layout I have for another ingenic device:
>> Page size and OOB size are the same between these two devices.
> Indeed. Do you know if there are other kind of layouts in the wild?

I'm getting a new board in a few weeks, I'll be able to check that out.

> Note that <layout-id> can be a string, so if each each board is
> defining its own layout, you could specify the board name here.
> Otherwise, if you just have those 2 patterns, you can just name them
> "contiguous" and "interleaved".

I don't like the idea of adding board-specific data inside the driver...
I'd prefer to use the method I used in this patch, but inside the
jz4740-nand driver, if you're OK with it.


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