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SubjectRE: [PATCH V8 1/5] crypto: Multi-buffer encryption infrastructure support

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Herbert Xu []
>Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2018 9:46 PM
>To: Dey, Megha <>
>Subject: Re: [PATCH V8 1/5] crypto: Multi-buffer encryption infrastructure
>On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 01:24:42AM +0000, Dey, Megha wrote:
>> Are you suggesting that the SIMD wrapper, will do what is currently being
>done by the ' mcryptd_queue_worker ' function (assuming FPU is not disabled)
>i.e dispatching the job to the inner algorithm?
>> I have got rid of the mcryptd layer( have an inner layer, outer SIMD layer,
>handled the pointers and completions accordingly), but still facing some issues
>after removing the per cpu mcryptd_cpu_queue.
>Why don't you post what you've got and we can work it out together?

Hi Herbert,

Sure, I will post an RFC patch. (crypto: Remove mcryptd).

>Email: Herbert Xu <> Home Page:
>PGP Key:

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