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SubjectRe: printk feature for syzbot?
On (05/10/18 13:30), Petr Mladek wrote:
> I guess that you are talking about the patchset adding possibility
> to use different time-stamps[1]. It changed the semantic of the
> timestamp. All the tools needed an update to show the timestamp
> correctly.
> The patchset was rejected by Linus because it would broke some
> userspace tool, e.g. systemd, that depend on the format and semantic
> provided by /dev/kmsg[2].

Right, but I think I was talking about this email

But yeah, it's not really related to the extension of struct printk_log,
so I think we should be fine.

> By other words, we must not change /dev/kmsg format. But it should
> be acceptable to change/extend the internal format and eventually
> extend the format used on consoles.


> Anyway, we need to be careful and test makedumpfile and crash tools
> and eventually provide patches for them.

Agreed. I'd prefer it to be hidden somewhere under kernel hacking config,
so only syzkaller folks would enable it. I think Steven also mentioned
a config option.

> Reference:
> [0]
> [1]



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