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SubjectRe: usercopy whitelist woe in scsi_sense_cache

05.04.2018 20:52, Kees Cook wrote:
> Okay. My qemu gets mad about that and wants the format=raw argument,
> so I'm using:
> -drive file=sda.img,format=raw \
> -drive file=sdb.img,format=raw \
> How are you running your smartctl? I'm doing this now:
> [1] Running while :; do
> ( smartctl -a /dev/sda; smartctl -a /dev/sdb ) > /dev/null;
> done &

Yes, so do I.

> I assume I'm missing something from your .config, but since I don't
> boot with an initramfs, I had to tweak it a bit. I'll try again...

Let me, maybe, describe, what both the VM and the server have in common:

1. have 4 CPUs
2. are EFI-based
3. use blk-mq with BFQ scheduler (it is set up via udev rule during
4. have zswap enabled
5. have 2 SATA disks with RAID10 on top of it (layout f2)
6. have LUKS on top of the RAID, and LVM on top of the LUKS

VM has machine type "q35", BTW.

Do you think something of what's mentioned above is relevant for the
code path in question?



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