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SubjectRe: [PATCH] gup: return -EFAULT on access_ok failure
> so an error on the 1st page gets propagated to the caller,
> and that get_user_pages_unlocked eventually calls __get_user_pages
> so it does return an error sometimes.
> Would it be correct to apply the second part of the patch then
> (pasted below for reference) or should get_user_pages_fast
> and all its callers be changed to return 0 on error instead?

0 isn't an error. As SuS sees it (ie from the userspace end of the pile)

returning the number you asked for means it worked

returning a smaller number means it worked partially and that much was
consumed (or in some cases more and the rest if so was lost - depends
what you are reading/writing)

returning 0 means you read nothing as you were at the end of file

returning an error code means it broke, or you should try again

The ugly bit there is the try-again semantics needs to exactly match the
attached poll() behaviour or you get busy loops.


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