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SubjectRe: [PATCH] staging: greybus: Fix warning to limit chars per line
On 06-04-18, 15:47, Gaurav Dhingra wrote:
> I sent in an updated patchset. Though I forgot to add
> to "To" in mail.

That's fine, but you still haven't sent it to all the relevant people.
You should have used the get_maintainer script (present in kernel
source) for that.

$ scripts/ drivers/staging/greybus/audio_codec.h

Vaibhav Agarwal <> (maintainer:GREYBUS AUDIO PROTOCOLS DRIVERS)
Johan Hovold <> (maintainer:GREYBUS SUBSYSTEM)
Alex Elder <> (maintainer:GREYBUS SUBSYSTEM)
Greg Kroah-Hartman <> (maintainer:GREYBUS SUBSYSTEM) (moderated list:GREYBUS SUBSYSTEM) (open list:STAGING SUBSYSTEM) (open list)

> I tried to follow instructions
> described on for updating my
> patch. Do you think I followed the instructions correctly?

Mostly yes, you did it fine.

> I was thinking
> may be I need to update the already sent patch by adding *new commit* to my
> already existing commit on that git branch, but instead I tried to do what I
> understood from the website I mentioned above.

Sorry, I find it difficult to understand what you wrote ;)


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