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SubjectRe: usercopy whitelist woe in scsi_sense_cache

On středa 4. dubna 2018 22:21:53 CEST Kees Cook wrote:
> ...
> That means scsi_sense_cache should be 96 bytes in size? But a 22 byte
> read starting at offset 94 happened? That seems like a 20 byte read
> beyond the end of the SLUB object? Though if it were reading past the
> actual end of the object, I'd expect the hardened usercopy BUG (rather
> than the WARN) to kick in. Ah, it looks like
> /sys/kernel/slab/scsi_sense_cache/slab_size shows this to be 128 bytes
> of actual allocation, so the 20 bytes doesn't strictly overlap another
> object (hence no BUG):
> ...

Actually, I can trigger a BUG too:

[ 129.259213] usercopy: Kernel memory exposure attempt detected from
object 'scsi_sense_cache' (offset 119, size 22)!
[ 129.265167] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[ 129.267579] kernel BUG at mm/usercopy.c:100!

And also offset can be different, as you may see:

[ 55.993224] Bad or missing usercopy whitelist? Kernel memory exposure
attempt detected from SLUB object 'scsi_sense_cache' (offset 76, size
[ 55.998678] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 1305 at mm/usercopy.c:81

It looks like only the size stays the same.

> Can you send me your .config? What SCSI drivers are you using in the
> VM and on the real server?

This is an Arch kernel with a config available here [1].

For both server and VM "lspci -vv" shows "ahci" in use. Is this what you
asking for?

> Are you able to see what ioctl()s smartctl is issuing? I'll try to
> reproduce this on my end...

As per [2], strace shows "SG_IO" requests. Is this detailed enough?

Thanks for looking into it.



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