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SubjectRe: [PATCH net 0/2] net: Broadcom drivers sparse fixes
From: Florian Fainelli <>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2018 15:58:54 -0700

> This patch series fixes the same warning reported by sparse in bcmsysport and
> bcmgenet in the code that deals with inserting the TX checksum pointers:
> drivers/net/ethernet/broadcom/bcmsysport.c:1155:26: warning: cast from restricted __be16
> drivers/net/ethernet/broadcom/bcmsysport.c:1155:26: warning: incorrect type in argument 1 (different base types)
> drivers/net/ethernet/broadcom/bcmsysport.c:1155:26: expected unsigned short [unsigned] [usertype] val
> drivers/net/ethernet/broadcom/bcmsysport.c:1155:26: got restricted __be16 [usertype] protocol
> This patch fixes both issues by using the same construct and not swapping
> skb->protocol but instead the values we are checking against.

Series applied, thanks Florian.

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