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Subject[PATCH 0/9] Update for QCOM NAND driver
This patch series mainly deals with error handling and erased page
bitflip detection for QCOM NAND driver.

1. The error handling was missing for some of the cases so fixed
the same.

2. Add the support for taking ECC strength from ONFI parameter.
The earlier QCOM boards were coming with 4-bit ECC chip but
now the same boards are coming with 8-bit ECC chip since the
earlier 4-bit parts are obsolete from some vendors.

3. We got few issues related with NAND erased page bitflips. The
QCOM NAND controller can’t detect the bitflip in completely erased
page so added the support to detect the same. It implemented the
logic mentioned in patch [1] which didn’t go in mainline and later
the generic functions were provided [2] to count the number of
bitflips and make all 0xff. This patch series did some optimization
logic to prevent the unnecessary full page raw read and data copy
from QCOM NAND controller to DMA.

4. Following are the testing done for these patches in QCOM IPQ8074
HK01 (4-bit and 8-bit ECC chip) and IPQ806x AP148 boards.
a. Run all mtd test and check if it passes
b. Introduce custom bitflips in erased page and check if it
returns no error/EUCLEAN/EBADMSG depending upon number of
bitflips and position.
c. Introduce failure condition for operational failure and
check if it detects the same.


Abhishek Sahu (9):
mtd: nand: qcom: use the ecc strength from device parameter
mtd: nand: qcom: wait for desc completion in all BAM channels
mtd: nand: qcom: erased page detection for uncorrectable errors only
mtd: nand: qcom: fix null pointer access for erased buffer detection
mtd: nand: qcom: parse read errors for read oob also
mtd: nand: qcom: support for checking read errors for last codeword
mtd: nand: qcom: check for operation errors in case of raw read
mtd: nand: qcom: helper function for raw read
mtd: nand: qcom: erased page bitflips detection

drivers/mtd/nand/qcom_nandc.c | 468 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
1 file changed, 333 insertions(+), 135 deletions(-)

QUALCOMM INDIA, on behalf of Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. is a member of Code Aurora Forum, hosted by The Linux Foundation

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