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SubjectRe: [PATCH net v2 0/2] net: mvpp2: Fix hangs when starting some interfaces on 7k/8k
From: Maxime Chevallier <>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 20:21:15 +0200

> Armada 7K / 8K clock management has recently been reworked, see :
> commit c7e92def1ef4 ("clk: mvebu: cp110: Fix clock tree representation")
> I have been experiencing overall system hangs on MacchiatoBin when starting
> the eth1 interface since then. It turns out some clocks dependencies were
> missing in the PPv2 and xmdio driver, the clock rework made this visible.
> This is the V2 series, that adds support for the missing 'MG Core clock' in
> mvpp2, and fixes an issue with the error path for the axi_clk.
> Thanks to Gregory Clement for finding the root cause of this bug.
> V2 : Remove all DT patches from this series, they will be merged through
> the mvebu tree.

Series applied, thank you.

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