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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 04/13] arm64/acpi: Create arch specific cpu to acpi id helper

On 26/04/18 00:31, Jeremy Linton wrote:
> Its helpful to be able to lookup the acpi_processor_id associated
> with a logical cpu. Provide an arm64 helper to do this.

As I pointed out in the earlier version, this patch is not required.
The acpi_id stored in the acpi_processor can be used for this.
Won't the below change make it work ? I can't think of any reason why it



diff --git i/drivers/acpi/pptt.c w/drivers/acpi/pptt.c
index 0fc4b2654665..f421f58b4ae6 100644
--- i/drivers/acpi/pptt.c
+++ w/drivers/acpi/pptt.c
@@ -432,7 +432,7 @@ static void cache_setup_acpi_cpu(struct
acpi_table_header *table,
struct acpi_pptt_cache *found_cache;
struct cpu_cacheinfo *this_cpu_ci = get_cpu_cacheinfo(cpu);
- u32 acpi_cpu_id = get_acpi_id_for_cpu(cpu);
+ u32 acpi_cpu_id = per_cpu(processors, cpu)->acpi_id;
struct cacheinfo *this_leaf;
unsigned int index = 0;
struct acpi_pptt_processor *cpu_node = NULL;
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