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Subject[README] Reiteration of statement regarding NetDev conference and NetDev Society

As the Linux networking maintainer, I feel the need to reiterate my
statement of a month ago, and to provide some supporting facts on my
end so that there is no confusion in the community on these issues.

I am no longer associated with either the Netdev Society or their
event, the NetDev conference.

Neither is endorsed nor supported by me.

I am writing to provide clarity on this situation to the subscribers
of the 'netdev' mailing list and the community at large.

Specifically, I am writing to make sure there isn't any confusion
through the use of the name "NetDev" that I either continue to plan,
support or participate in this event. I do not.

I have in the past participated in the NetDev events as a member of
technical committee and as the committee's chair. I took on this role
because I felt that I could improve the technical content.

I spent many hours helping to plan and make preparations for Netdev
2.2 in Seoul. In connection with this work, the Executive Director at
the time (Soyoung Park) and I were reimbursed for our airfare
($7321.44 USD) and lodging ($717.55 USD) as we prepared for the
conference during the weeks leading up to the event.

I was also a member of the NetDev Society's board but have formally
left the board and the technical committee, am no longer associated
with planning the NetDev conference and do not intend to participate
in future NetDev conference events.

Having said all of this, I look forward to continued great work on the
netdev project and sharing cool advances in networking at the
networking track of Linux Plumbers Conference.

Thank you.

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