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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/3] regulator: add support for SY8106A regulator
On Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 06:55:10PM +0800, Icenowy Zheng wrote:
> 于 2018年4月25日 GMT+08:00 下午6:53:09, Mark Brown <> 写到:

> >> SPDX identifier is special -- it should be in a seperated
> >> comment block.

> >No, it just needs to be a C++ comment on the first line to ease machine
> >parsing. The rest of the file doesn't matter for that.

> Okay. Thus I will use a seperate /* */ block for it in the
> next revision, to follow the rule.

Just make the whole copyright block a C++ comment. It's much easier and
even with a blank line between the SPDX line and the rest of it it'll
still look messy and odd.
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