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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 12/44] clk: davinci: Add platform information for TI DA850 PSC
On Monday 23 April 2018 08:29 PM, David Lechner wrote:
> On 04/06/2018 11:46 AM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
>> Quoting Sekhar Nori (2018-04-06 02:37:03)
>>> Can you please check that and confirm there is no issue with genpd and
>>> using CLK_OF_DECLARE() to initialize clocks?
>>> Unless you report an issue back, or Mike and Stephen have ideas about
>>> how to handle the dependency between PSC/PLL derived timer clock
>>> initialization and and timer_probe(), I think we need to move back to
>>> using CLK_OF_DECLARE().
>> In such a case, please use the hybrid approach where the clks required
>> for the clockevent and/or clocksource are registered in the early
>> CLK_OF_DECLARE path but the rest of the clks get registered with a
>> proper platform device and driver. There are examples of this approach
>> on other platforms already.
> I looked at this a bit last week, but I didn't come up with any approach
> that I was happy with. It seems like it would be nice to just register
> the absolute minimum clocks needed. On DA8XX, that would just be the PLL0
> AUXCLK. On most of the other SoCs, it would be the PLL AUXCLK plus one
> LPSC clock. The AUXCLKs are easy because they are just a simple gate
> from the oscillator. The LPSC clocks are a bit more tricky because they
> have a complex sequence for turning on. Furthermore, on DM646X, we need
> the whole PLL up to SYSCLK3 plus one LPSC clock, so things get a bit
> messy there.

Things might change in the context of work being done here by Bartosz
for converting clocks to early platform devices.

But, keeping that development aside for a moment: I think this means the
PLLs and PSCs need to be CLK_OF_DECLARE(). What we can have as platform
devices are clocks that are not in the path to get timer clock working
(like CFGCHIP clocks).


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