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SubjectRe: Smatch check for Spectre stuff
On 04/20, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> > kernel/signal.c:3457 do_sigaction() warn: potential spectre issue 'p->sighand->action'
> This one is correctly detected

Not sure,

k = &p->sighand->action[sig-1];

calculates the addr, although we do '*oact = *k' later. I dunno.

> > kernel/signal.c:65 sig_handler() warn: potential spectre issue 't->sighand->action'
> It's unclear from a quick look whether it's really possible to speculate
> all over the other things there, but we probably err out on the safe side

at least not in do_sigaction(). And in fact do_sigaction() doesn't need
sig_handler() at all, it could use act->sa.sa_handler instead.


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