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SubjectRe: DOS by unprivileged user
On Thu, 2018-04-19 at 21:13 +0200, Ferry Toth wrote:
> It appears any ordinary user can easily create a DOS on linux.
> One sure way to reproduce this is to open gitk on the linux kernel repo
> (SIC) on a machine with 8GB RAM 16 GB swap on a HDD with btrfs and quad core
> + hyperthreading. But I will be easy enough to get the same effect with more
> RAM, other fs etc.
> In this case gitk allocates more and more memory (until my system freezes
> 6.5GB of 7.5GB avaiable), the system starts swapping or writing to tmp files
> (can't investigate as there is no time until it freezes) and the io wait
> goes to 100% on all cores. At this point it is impossible to login from
> remote and local keyboard and mouse are frozen. Hard reset is the only way
> out at this point.

datapoint: my i4790/ext4 box running master.yesterday booted mem=8G
became highly unpleasant to use, but I retained control, and the all
cores going to 100% thing did not happen at any time.

I didn't try constraining on the gitk user, just turned it loose a few
times to see if it managed to render box effectively dead. It failed
to kill my box, but (expectedly) did make it suck rocks.


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