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Subject[REVIEW][PATCH 17/17] signal/powerpc: Replace TRAP_FIXME with TRAP_UNK
Using an si_code of 0 that aliases with SI_USER is clearly the wrong
thing todo, and causes problems in interesting ways.

For use in unknown_exception the recently defined TRAP_UNK
semantically is a perfect fit. For use in RunModeException it looks
like something more specific than TRAP_UNK could be used. No one has
bothered to find a better fit than the broken si_code of 0 in all of
these years and I don't see an obvious better fit so TRAP_UNK is
switching RunModeException to return TRAP_UNK is clearly an

Recent history suggests no actually cares about crazy corner
cases of the kernel behavior like this so I don't expect any
regressions from changing this. However if something does
happen this change is easy to revert.

Though I wonder if SIGKILL might not be a better fit.

Cc: Paul Mackerras <>
Cc: Kumar Gala <>
Cc: Michael Ellerman <>
Cc: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>
Fixes: 9bad068c24d7 ("[PATCH] ppc32: support for e500 and 85xx")
Fixes: 0ed70f6105ef ("PPC32: Provide proper siginfo information on various exceptions.")
History Tree:
Signed-off-by: "Eric W. Biederman" <>
arch/powerpc/include/uapi/asm/siginfo.h | 8 --------
arch/powerpc/kernel/traps.c | 4 ++--
2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

diff --git a/arch/powerpc/include/uapi/asm/siginfo.h b/arch/powerpc/include/uapi/asm/siginfo.h
index 0437afc9ef3c..1d51d9b88221 100644
--- a/arch/powerpc/include/uapi/asm/siginfo.h
+++ b/arch/powerpc/include/uapi/asm/siginfo.h
@@ -15,12 +15,4 @@

#include <asm-generic/siginfo.h>

- * SIGTRAP si_codes
- */
-#ifdef __KERNEL__
-#define TRAP_FIXME 0 /* Broken dup of SI_USER */
-#endif /* __KERNEL__ */
diff --git a/arch/powerpc/kernel/traps.c b/arch/powerpc/kernel/traps.c
index fdf9400beec8..0e17dcb48720 100644
--- a/arch/powerpc/kernel/traps.c
+++ b/arch/powerpc/kernel/traps.c
@@ -969,7 +969,7 @@ void unknown_exception(struct pt_regs *regs)
printk("Bad trap at PC: %lx, SR: %lx, vector=%lx\n",
regs->nip, regs->msr, regs->trap);

- _exception(SIGTRAP, regs, TRAP_FIXME, 0);
+ _exception(SIGTRAP, regs, TRAP_UNK, 0);

@@ -991,7 +991,7 @@ void instruction_breakpoint_exception(struct pt_regs *regs)

void RunModeException(struct pt_regs *regs)
- _exception(SIGTRAP, regs, TRAP_FIXME, 0);
+ _exception(SIGTRAP, regs, TRAP_UNK, 0);

void single_step_exception(struct pt_regs *regs)
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