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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 02/15] KVM: s390: reset crypto attributes for all vcpus

On 04/15/2018 11:22 PM, Tony Krowiak wrote:
> Introduces a new function to reset the crypto attributes for all
> vcpus whether they are running or not. Each vcpu in KVM will
> be removed from SIE prior to resetting the crypto attributes in its
> SIE state description. After all vcpus have had their crypto attributes
> reset the vcpus will be restored to SIE.
> This function will be used in a later patch to set the ECA.28
> bit in the SIE state description to enable interpretive execution of
> AP instructions. It will also be incorporated into the
> kvm_s390_vm_set_crypto(kvm) function to fix an issue whereby the crypto
> key wrapping attributes could potentially get out of synch for running
> vcpus.

Wasn't this 'issue' reported by me by any chance?

I agree with Connnie, we don't need the forward reference to


> Signed-off-by: Tony Krowiak<>

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