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SubjectRe: Removing architectures without upstream gcc support

> * unicore32 was a research project at Peking University with a SoC
> based on the Intel PXA design. No gcc source code has ever been
> published, the only toolchain available is a set of binaries that
> include
> a gcc-4.4 compiler. The project page at
> has a TODO list that has
> not been modified since 2011. The maintainer still Acks patches
> and has last sent a pull request in 2014 and last sent a patch of
> his own in 2012 when the project appears to have stalled.
> I would suggest removing this one.
Hi, Arnd.
I am really sorry to reply so late, since I seldom use this email account
in recent years. I will add my new email account to related bits.

Let me clarify the status of UniCore. It's a real cpu-core product,
integrated into PKUnity SoC, and sold in a large amount of embedded boxes,
such as cloud terminals and set top boxes. Surely, we still use the port
internally and keep doing developments in other projects. So, I really
appreciate having unicore32 port in the tree.

As to gnu toolchain of UniCore, I have already discussed it in my group,
and I'll do my best to propel it forward.

Guan Xuetao

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