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SubjectRe: omap4-droid4: voice call support was Re: [PATCHv5,5/5] ARM: dts: omap4-droid4: add soundcard
* Pavel Machek <> [180329 14:11]:
> Hi!
> > Meanwhile, I can try to make voice calls more reproducable with
> > qmi or MM for example instead of just n_gsm.. And then I'll try
> > to fix my n_gsm pile of hacks for posting..
> If you get something to work, that will be great.

Yeah I need to at least fix a n_gsm message handling issue that
currently causes retries and the retries have to be set artificially
high right now to avoid timeouts.. Right now each at command takes
about 30 seconds.. So I can't do any short calls :)

> If you get ofonod to work, that would be even better :-). [That's what
> Jolla uses, and that's what I have graphical clients for].

OK, I'll stick to picocom, qmicli and mmcli for now :)

> Oh and.. if you have reasonable windowing system, let me know.

I've been just using xorg and i3.



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