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SubjectRe: [linux-sunxi] [PATCH v9 0/2] Initial Allwinner V3s CSI Support
On 03/05/2018 05:51 PM, Yong Deng wrote:
> This patchset add initial support for Allwinner V3s CSI.
> Allwinner V3s SoC features two CSI module. CSI0 is used for MIPI CSI-2
> interface and CSI1 is used for parallel interface. This is not
> documented in datasheet but by test and guess.
> This patchset implement a v4l2 framework driver and add a binding
> documentation for it.
> Currently, the driver only support the parallel interface. And has been
> tested with a BT1120 signal which generating from FPGA. The following
> fetures are not support with this patchset:
> - ISP
> - Master clock for camera sensor
> - Power regulator for the front end IC

Hi Yong,

Thanks so much, this driver is a great contribution!

Unfortunately the board I'm working with (nanopi neo air) uses the MIPI
CSI-2 CSI0 interface rather than CSI1. Do you have any plans to support
the MIPI CSI-2 interface at some point? If not, do you know the scope of
what would be involved?

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