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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 0/2] net: mvpp2: Remove unnecessary dynamic allocs
From: Maxime Chevallier <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2018 15:34:21 +0200

> Some utility functions in mvpp2 make use of dynamic alloc to exchange temporary
> objects representing Parser Entries (which are generic filtering entries in the
> PPv2 controller).
> These objects are small (44 bytes each), we can use the stack to exchange them.
> Some previous discussion on this topic showed that the mvpp2_prs_hw_read, which
> initializes a struct mvpp2_prs_entry based on one of its fields, can easily lead
> to erroneous code if we don't zero-out the struct beforehand :
> To fix this, I propose to rename mvpp2_prs_hw_read into mvpp2_prs_init_from_hw,
> make it zero-out the struct and take the index as a parameter. That's what's
> done in the first patch of the series.
> The second patch is the V3 of
> ("net: mvpp2: Don't use dynamic allocs for local variables"), making use of
> mvpp2_prs_init_from_hw and taking previous comments into account.

Series applied, thank you.

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