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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next v2 0/2] kernel: add support to collect hardware logs in crash recovery kernel
Rahul Lakkireddy <> writes:

> On Saturday, March 03/24/18, 2018 at 20:50:52 +0530, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
>> Rahul Lakkireddy <> writes:
>> > On production servers running variety of workloads over time, kernel
>> > panic can happen sporadically after days or even months. It is
>> > important to collect as much debug logs as possible to root cause
>> > and fix the problem, that may not be easy to reproduce. Snapshot of
>> > underlying hardware/firmware state (like register dump, firmware
>> > logs, adapter memory, etc.), at the time of kernel panic will be very
>> > helpful while debugging the culprit device driver.
>> >
>> > This series of patches add new generic framework that enable device
>> > drivers to collect device specific snapshot of the hardware/firmware
>> > state of the underlying device in the crash recovery kernel. In crash
>> > recovery kernel, the collected logs are exposed via /sys/kernel/crashdd/
>> > directory, which is copied by user space scripts for post-analysis.
>> >
>> > A kernel module crashdd is newly added. In crash recovery kernel,
>> > crashdd exposes /sys/kernel/crashdd/ directory containing device
>> > specific hardware/firmware logs.
>> Have you looked at instead of adding a sysfs file adding the dumps
>> as additional elf notes in /proc/vmcore?
> I see the crash recovery kernel's memory is not present in any of the
> the PT_LOAD headers. So, makedumpfile is not collecting the dumps
> that are in crash recovery kernel's memory.
> Also, are you suggesting exporting the dumps themselves as PT_NOTE
> instead? I'll look into doing it this way.

Yes. I was suggesting exporting the dumps themselves as PT_NOTE
in /proc/vmcore. I think that will allow makedumpfile to collect
your new information without modification.


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