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SubjectRe: [Bug 199003] console stalled, cause Hard LOCKUP.
I'll Cc blockdev

On (03/27/18 08:36), wrote:
> > --- Comment #17 from ---
> > On (03/26/18 13:05), wrote:
> > > Therefore the serial console is actually pretty fast. It seems that the
> > > deadline
> > > 10ms-per-character is not in the game here.
> >
> > As the name suggests this is dmesg - content of logbuf. We can't tell
> > anything about serial consoles speed from it.
> Grrr, you are right. It would be interesting to see the output from
> the serial port as well.
> Anyway, it does not change the fact that printing so many same lines is
> useless. The throttling still would make sense and probably would
> solve the problem.

You are right.

Looking at backtraces (
there *probably* was just one CPU doing all printk-s and all printouts. And
there was one CPU waiting for that printing CPU to unlock the queue spin_lock.

The printing CPU was looping in scsi_request_fn() picking up requests
and calling sdev_printk() for each of them, because the device was
offline. Given that serial console is not very fast, that we called
serial console under queue spin_lock and the number of printks called,
it was enough to lockup the CPU which was spining on queue spin_lock and
to hard lockup the system.

scsi_request_fn() does unlock the queue lock later, but not in that
!scsi_device_online(sdev) error case.

for (;;) {
int rtn;
* get next queueable request. We do this early to make sure
* that the request is fully prepared even if we cannot
* accept it.
req = blk_peek_request(q);
if (!req)

if (unlikely(!scsi_device_online(sdev))) {
sdev_printk(KERN_ERR, sdev,
"rejecting I/O to offline device\n");
scsi_kill_request(req, q);
^^^^^^^^^ still under spinlock

I'd probably just unlock/lock queue lock, rather than ratelimit printk-s,
before `continue'. Dunno.

James, Martin, what do you think?


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