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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1] perf stat: avoid 10ms limit for printing event counts
> When running perf stat -I for monitoring e.g. PCIe uncore counters and 
> at the same time profiling some I/O workload by perf record e.g. for
> cpu-cycles and context switches, it is then possible to build and
> observe good-enough consolidated CPU/OS/IO(Uncore) performance picture
> for that workload.

At some point I still hope we can make uncore measurements in
perf record work. Kan tried at some point to allow multiple
PMUs in a group, but was not successfull. But perhaps we
can sample them from a software event instead.

> The warning on possible runtime overhead is still preserved, however
> it is only visible when specifying -v option.

I would print it unconditionally. Very few people use -v.

BTW better of course would be to occasionally measure the perf stat
cpu time and only print the warning if it's above some percentage
of a CPU. But that would be much more work.

Rest looks ok.


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