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SubjectRe: Regression with arm in next with stack protector
Allwinner devices are OK, Exynos devices (except 4210) are OK.

------------------ Original ------------------
From: "Tony Lindgren"<>;
Date: Mon, Mar 26, 2018 11:37 PM
To: "陈华才"<>;
Cc: "Andrew Morton"<>; "Fabio Estevam"<>; "Stephen Rothwell"<>; "Rich Felker"<>; "Russell King"<>; "Yoshinori Sato"<>; "linux-kernel"<>; "Ralf Baechle"<>; "linux-omap"<>; "James Hogan"<>; "moderated list:ARM/FREESCALE IMX / MXC ARM ARCHITECTURE"<>;
Subject: Re: Regression with arm in next with stack protector

* 陈华才 <> [180326 06:59]:
> Hi, Tony and Fabio,
> Could you please upload your kernel binary to somewhere for me? I don't understand why some ARM boards is OK while others are broken.

Well the kernel I'm testing is just current Linux next cross
compiled omap2plus_defconfig kernel. I do have few more config
options enabled like LOCKDEP and DEBUG_ATOMIC_SLEEP, but I
doubt they matter here :)

Then I'm using gcc-7.3.0 and binutils-2.30 built with the
buildall.git scripts:


If you still need binaries, let me know.

Do you know which arm devices are working with your patch?


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