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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] KVM: VMX: Add Force Emulation Prefix for "emulate the next instruction"

----- wrote:

> On 27/03/2018 09:52, Liran Alon wrote:
> > In addition, I think this module parameter should be in kvm module
> > (not kvm_intel) and you should add similar logic to kvm_amd module
> (SVM)
> If you can move handle_ud to x86.c, then it makes sense to have the
> module parameter in the kvm module. I haven't checked.

I don't see a reason why you couldn't do that.

> Otherwise you would have to EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL the variable; in the

This is what I did for enable_vmware_backdoor module parameter.
I think this is what should be done in this case as-well.

> end
> it's just a debugging tool, so it'd be simpler to just add it
> separately
> to kvm_intel and kvm_amd.

I agree it's just a debugging tool. But no reason for it to be used differently
when running tests on Intel CPU vs. AMD CPU.
I think the effort to fix this is low.

> Paolo

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