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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/6] rhashtable: improve documentation for rhashtable_walk_peek()

2018-03-27 1:33 GMT+02:00 NeilBrown <>:
> The documentation for rhashtable_walk_peek() wrong. It claims to
> return the *next* entry, whereas it in fact returns the *previous*
> entry.
> However if no entries have yet been returned - or if the iterator
> was reset due to a resize event, then rhashtable_walk_peek()
> *does* return the next entry, but also advances the iterator.
> I suspect that this interface should be discarded and the one user
> should be changed to not require it. Possibly this patch should be
> seen as a first step in that conversation.
> This patch mostly corrects the documentation, but does make a
> small code change so that the documentation can be correct without
> listing too many special cases. I don't think the one user will
> be affected by the code change.

how about I come up with a replacement so that we can remove
rhashtable_walk_peek straight away without making it differently
broken in the meantime?


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