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Subject[PATCH script] hwmon: Use octal not symbolic permissions
drivers/hwmon is the most frequent user of symbolic permissions
like S_IRUGO in the kernel tree.

$ git grep -w -P "S_[A-Z]{5,5}" | \
cut -f1 -d: | cut -f1-2 -d"/" | sed -r 's/[A-Za-z0-9_-]+\.[ch]$//' | \
sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | head
3862 drivers/hwmon
814 drivers/scsi
763 drivers/net
242 drivers/infiniband
184 drivers/staging
181 drivers/usb
158 fs/proc
150 fs/xfs
148 fs/
142 drivers/misc

But using octal and not symbolic permissions is preferred by many
as it can be more readable.

Rather than converting these piecemeal, perhaps just do them all
at once via a trivial script like the below:

$ git grep -w -P --name-only "S_[A-Z]{5,5}" drivers/hwmon | \
xargs ./scripts/ -f --types=symbolic_perms --fix-inplace
$ git grep -w -P --name-only "S_[A-Z]{5,5}" drivers/hwmon | \
xargs ./scripts/ -f --types=symbolic_perms --fix-inplace

It's run twice because checkpatch only does 1 conversion per line
and there are some multiple instance lines.

This currently results in a 669 KB patch which is too large
to post but can be easily generated when appropriate.

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