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SubjectRe: [PATCHv4] phy: mapphone-mdm6600: Add USB PHY driver for MDM6600 on Droid 4
* Pavel Machek <> [180325 19:00]:
> Hi!
> > > Hmm. Interesting. Anyway, for me ttyUSB4 is interesting, as it seems
> > > to react to AT commands, and in particular reacts to ADT123; (; is
> > > important).
> >
> > Is that to dial a voice call?
> Yes. And it is ATD123; not ATD.

Strange, no semicolon is needed when using /dev/gsmtty to
dial a voice call with my current pile of pending changes,
just doing ATD123 dials..

Anyways, looks like qmi_wwan needs to be loaded before
qcserial module, otherwise we get nine ttyUSB instances
and ModemManager can't find any modems.

With qcserial module loaded after qmi_wwan, it still takes
a long time for ModemManager to find the modem.

Then unrelated to the qcserial module, also looks like I can
no longer use the GPS with ModemManager:

$ mmcli -m 0 --enable
$ mmcli -m 0 --location-enable-gps-raw

And then chmod a+r /dev/cdc-wdm0 and pointing gpsd to use
/dev/cdc-wdm0 used to work, but now it seems that gpsd
can no longer read it. Trying to start gpsd manually produces:

# gpsd -b -n -N /dev/cdc-wdm0
gpsd:ERROR: SER: /dev/cdc-wdm0 already opened by another process
gpsd:ERROR: initial GPS device /dev/cdc-wdm0 open failed
gpsd:ERROR: can't run with neither control socket nor devices open

And lsof shows /usr/libexec/qmi-proxy having it open.

Anybody know what I might be doing wrong? Sounds like something
now needs to be done with qmi-proxy to get access to GPS?

> > Anyway, "good" solution is to get ofonod running, then use ofone from
> > here:

Thanks I'll take a look.

> > I think it's the cpcap based config to route voice call audio
> > to SoC, Sebastian knows the details :)
> >
> > The way to figure that one out is to dump the cpcap registers
> > before and during voice call on android with cpcaprw, then
> > diff the output for the audio registers. Probably some SoC
> > registers need to be diffed too with rwmem or similar tool
> > for the mcbsp instance(s) used.
> That sounds like hard way to do it. There's source available, I'm now
> trying to understand it / fit it into Sebastian's driver.

Sure that hopefully helps too :)


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