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SubjectRe: kernel panic: Out of memory and no killable processes... (2)
On 2018/01/29 2:58, syzbot wrote:
> This bug is generated by a dumb bot. It may contain errors.
> See for details.
> Direct all questions to
> syzbot will keep track of this bug report.
> If you forgot to add the Reported-by tag, once the fix for this bug is merged
> into any tree, please reply to this email with:
> #syz fix: exact-commit-title
> If you want to test a patch for this bug, please reply with:
> #syz test: git://repo/address.git branch
> and provide the patch inline or as an attachment.
> To mark this as a duplicate of another syzbot report, please reply with:
> #syz dup: exact-subject-of-another-report
> If it's a one-off invalid bug report, please reply with:
> #syz invalid
> Note: if the crash happens again, it will cause creation of a new bug report.
> Note: all commands must start from beginning of the line in the email body.

#syz fix: netfilter: x_tables: make allocation less aggressive

Why not to backport to 4.13+ ?

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