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SubjectRe: [PATCH V3] Input: pm8941-pwrkey: add resin key capabilities
Hi Dmitry,

>> What happens if interrupts comes as soon as you have done the key_init(..)
>> here? I see that you are registering the input device after it, right? Looks
>> like you should do this at the end of probe?
> It should be fine, input devices properly allocated (with
> input_allocate_device() or devm- version) are able to accept events even
> if input device has not been registered yet. It is and advertised
> feature:
> drivers/input/input.c:
> "
> * input_event() - report new input event
> ...
> * NOTE: input_event() may be safely used right after input device was
> * allocated with input_allocate_device(), even before it is registered
> * with input_register_device(), but the event will not reach any of the
> * input handlers. Such early invocation of input_event() may be used
> * to 'seed' initial state of a switch or initial position of absolute
> * axis, etc.

Thanks. Looks good since input_allocate_device(...) is called before the

---Trilok Soni
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. is a member of Code Aurora Forum, a
Linux Foundation Collaborative Project

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