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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/8] ARM: davinci: complete the conversion to using the reset framework
Quoting Bartosz Golaszewski (2018-03-23 06:04:47)
> From: Bartosz Golaszewski <>
> This series converts the only user of the handcoded, mach-specific reset
> routines in the davinci platform to using the reset framework.
> Patch 1 modifies the way lookup entries are registered with the reset
> framework.
> Patches 2-4 add necessary lookups/DT-properties.
> Patches 5-7 convert the davinci-rproc driver to the reset framework.
> Patch 8 removes now dead code.
> Philipp: it turned out that it's indeed better to use the reset
> controller's device name for the entry lookup.
> Tested both in DT and legacy modes by booting the examples from
> ti-ipc-rtos recipe in meta-ti.
> This series applies on top of David Lechner's common-clk-v9 branch[1]
> with Philipp Zabel's reset/next branch[2] pulled in.
> It can be found in my github tree as well[3].

What's the merge strategy for the rest of the patches? I should apply
the clk ones after the next -rc1?

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