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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 10/42] clk: davinci: New driver for davinci PSC clocks
Quoting Bartosz Golaszewski (2018-02-28 04:38:38)
> 2018-02-19 21:21 GMT+01:00 David Lechner <>:
> I believe there to be two issues: one is with v7 - we need to increase
> the clock reference count in davinci_psc_genpd_attach_dev().
> Second is the error path in the clock framework - we should remove the
> destroyed clk_core from the debug list, which is not being done now.
> Why we even need to track the refcount of clk_core is a mistery for me
> though. Stephen, Mike?

Which part of the code are we talking about? I see that
__clk_core_init() calls clk_debug_register() when ret == 0 and that
looks fine. I do wonder why clk_debug_register() even returns a value
though because we ignore it.

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