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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] mm: Add kvmalloc_ab_c and kvzalloc_struct
On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 06:19:51PM +0100, Julia Lawall wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Mar 2018, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> > On Thu, Mar 08, 2018 at 07:24:47AM +0100, Julia Lawall wrote:
> > > Thanks. So it's OK to replace kmalloc and kzalloc, even though they
> > > didn't previously consider vmalloc and even though kmalloc doesn't zero?
> >
> > We'll also need to replace the corresponding places where those structs
> > are freed with kvfree(). Can coccinelle handle that too?
> Is the use of vmalloc a necessary part of the design? Or could there be a
> non vmalloc versions for call sites that are already ok with that?

We can also add kmalloc_struct() along with kmalloc_ab_c that won't fall
back to vmalloc but just return NULL.

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