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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 3/3] ALSA: hda: Disabled unused audio controller for Dell platforms with Switchable Graphics

> On Mar 12, 2018, at 9:30 AM, wrote:
>>> I think the missing aspect is that this is only used in AIO and laptop
>>> form
>>> factors where the discrete graphics is in a non-removable form factor.
>> Why we are not checking if kernel is running on AIO or laptop form
>> factor then? Or it is not possible?
> Kai Heng, can you please confirm if AIO sets chassis type properly?
> It should be 0Dh.
> If so, then I think as second check for chassis type should be possible for
> next version of this patch.

The chassis type is correctly set as 0Dh on AIOs.

>> Basically what I see there is that we need to detect if current HW
>> platform has switchable graphics and check how is configured AUDIO MUX.
>> But instead of directly checking hw state of audio MUX, we are trying to
>> check something different which could get us information of state of the
>> audio mux.
>> I suspect that we do not have a way how to check audio MUX directly, so
>> it needs to be done indirectly -- via some Dell SMBIOS call and some
>> other heuristic. This is something which should be specified either in
>> comment or in commit message (problem of type: we need X, but check for
>> Y).
>> And if we are doing this check indirectly, we should do the most
>> specific test and not more general.
> Right.
>> I think that PCI vendor ID check of audio device is more general test
>> then checking if kernel is running on Dell laptop (check via DMI). And
>> if we can check also if running on AIO or laptop form, then it would be
>> more specific test.
>>> Running with your hypothetical though, what would happen is if it's
>>> on a non-Dell machine the PCI check would pass and then the code
>>> would not be executed by dell-laptop (since dell-smbios didn't load).
>> Right.
>>> If it was on a Dell machine it would load but the BIOS would return
>>> either Switchable graphics turned off, or invalid token.
>>> Even though these aren't real for switchable graphics on Dell I don't
>>> see a problem with either of these situations if it ever came up.
>> I see, this solution is working...
>> ... but, I see there a very bad precedense. What would happen if another
>> laptop manufactor comes with similar solution for hybrid graphics. Does
>> it mean that hda audio driver would try to call for every one vendor its
>> vendor dependent API function (EFI, SMM, WMI, whatever) to check if
>> current HW has some switchable graphics and needs special checks?
>> Those vendor dependent API functions (which Dell SMBIOS is) should be
>> really called on vendor hardware.
>> Otherwise audio drivers would load bunch of the other vendor dependent
>> platform modules and all of those modules (except maximally one) just
>> return error.
> Sure the more specific the check the less symbol requests needed that
> will fail.
> Kai Heng,
> Can you please use Alex Hung's OEM strings patch in your series to match
> "Dell System" in OEM strings too?

Sure, but this probably need to wait till it gets merged in Linus' tree.

> Between chassis type, OEM strings match, and AMD vendor/Dell subsystem
> vendor that should satisfy all of Pali's concerns I think.
> If anyone thinks that's too much, please speak up.
>>> Compiling a whitelist is a wasted effort because it will have to change
>>> Every year for every new platform that has AMD switchable graphics.
>> I agree, But see that this patch already uses vendor ID whitelisting.
> I mean making a whitelist of all individual affected Dell platforms will
> grow
> each year. I want to avoid that approach.

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