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SubjectRe: ivtv: use arch_phys_wc_add() and require PAT disabled
On Sat, 10 Mar 2018 16:57:41 +0000
"French, Nicholas A." <> wrote:

> > > No what if the framebuffer driver is just requested as a
> > > secondary step after firmware loading?
> >
> > Its a possibility. The decoder firmware gets loaded at the
> > beginning of the decoder memory range and we know its length, so
> > its possible to ioremap_nocache enough room for the firmware only
> > on init and then ioremap the remaining non-firmware decoder memory
> > areas appropriately after the firmware load succeeds...
> I looked in more detail, and this would be "hard" due to the way the
> rest of the decoder offsets are determined by either making firmware
> calls or scanning the decoder memory range for magic bytes and other
> mess.

The buffers used for yuv output are fixed. They are located both before
and after the framebuffer. Their offset is fixed at 'base_addr +
IVTV_DECODER_OFFSET + yuv_offset[]'. The yuv offsets can be found in
'ivtv-yuv.c'. The buffers are 622080 bytes in length.

The range would be from 'base_addr + 0x01000000 + 0x00029000' to
'base_addr + 0x01000000 + 0x00748200 + 0x97dff'. This is larger than
required, but will catch the framebuffer and should not cause any
problems. If you wanted to render direct to the yuv buffers, you would
probably want this region included anyway (not that the current driver
supports that).


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