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Subject[PATCH] cramfs: better MTD dependency expression
Commit b9f5fb1800d8 ("cramfs: fix MTD dependency") did what it says.
Since commit 9059a3493efe ("kconfig: fix relational operators for bool
and tristate symbols") it is possible to do it slightly better though.

Signed-off-by: Nicolas Pitre <>


Viro once told me that my cramfs pull requests could go either to him or
to you. I have only this one patch at the moment, and since it depends
on a commit that recently appeared in your tree I'm therefore sending it
directly to you.

diff --git a/fs/cramfs/Kconfig b/fs/cramfs/Kconfig
index 58e2fe40b2..5933f99530 100644
--- a/fs/cramfs/Kconfig
+++ b/fs/cramfs/Kconfig
@@ -33,8 +33,7 @@ config CRAMFS_BLOCKDEV

bool "Support CramFs image directly mapped in physical memory"
- depends on CRAMFS && MTD
- depends on CRAMFS=m || MTD=y
+ depends on CRAMFS && CRAMFS <= MTD
default y if !CRAMFS_BLOCKDEV
This option allows the CramFs driver to load data directly from
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